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Joon (pre-production)

30-year-old Joon is a prison guard in a notorious Gulag in the world’s most repressive nation when she discovers an evil so hideous it transforms her from a guardian of the totalitarian order into an enemy of the state. 

Screenplay: Phil Travis

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Tonga: The Last Place on Earth (broadcast)

A PBS documentary.

Set against a stunning backdrop of natural beauty in a country most people have never even heard of, the story is about young deportees who are torn between two worlds; but it is also about nations grappling with immigration and deportation, huge issues that have caused bitterness, conflict and violence the world over.

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The Mission TV Series (broadcast)

A group of four people - a combat surgeon, a fashion model, a prize fighter and a software trainer get together and go around the world to help people in desperate situations.

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Bury The Dead: 100 Years in Detroit (broadcast)

Unemployment is higher than it was during the Great Depression. Crime is out of control. The inner city is falling apart...literally. This isn't some underdeveloped country. This is Detroit. Find out what has really destroyed one of America's greatest cities.


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